University Partnership Program

Step 1: Discover

You have students who need quality internships

Step 2: Connect

We have an ongoing need for quality interns

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Step 3: Select

Students express interest and upload resumes


Step 4: Begin

Selected students begin our internship program

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We look to partner with schools who want to provide the best internship experience possible for their students. We want our partnership to be for the benefit of the student and the growth of the media, marketing and IT industries. To that end, colleges and universities with demonstrated involvement in providing quality internships for their students will be given preference. If you are looking to partner with us to forge this type of internship structure we are open to that as well.

Our internship program is a major part of our iLearn department and we are committed to growing and developing our industry and ensuring that our interns are equipped with practical, applicable experience that enhances their studies. Our internship program is a fast paced, rigorously structured and rewarding experience for driven students . We require each university we partner with to provide us with the degree course requirements of the majors for which internships are sought.

Students who are interested in joining our team upload their resumes and we begin the screening process. We look for students who are actively engaged in social media, are academic leaders and who have demonstrated interest in the media, marketing and IT field.

Our internship program begins with two weeks of training and orientation before the hands on work gets underway. We require at minimum a one semester commitment or 400 hours (for interns who have already graduated). The culminating experience that determines the successful completion of an internship is a team created campaign.

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