Whether you are in a romantic relationship or a small business relationship (they’re not all that different) you need to have solid communication from both parties involved. From the beginning of the relationship it should be as interactive as possible with clear and concise motives.

As you can see from the video above, the message was not entirely clear to the poor girl, aka the client. Even though the intent of the “business” was clear to outside parties, the customer is putting full faith into letting the “business” guide them.

In this hilariously pitiful video, our business never tells the  client the one crucial word that sets up this whole video. Our business needed to say “fall back”, instead of “fall down” even though it was implied to everyone else, the client is “blindly” listening to every word and when you are not completely clear with your intentions of the relationship, things can get messy. Undoubtedly, there were some harsh words exchanged once the camera stopped rolling, both sides were most likely defending their own and neither was right nor wrong. But, because the business knew what was happening and the one giving the directions, they needed to make sure the client understood exactly what was about to happen.

We do not own this Video it is located here and is named Girl Doesn’t Understand Trust Falls. She’ll never forget after this…


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