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  • Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

    Named after the co-owner, Lucia Schnitzer, the health-food restaurant is run by Lucia and her husband, Ken. The story of their success has many obstacles  that few owners would ever think to have to come across. Most notably, three months after opening, a fire that burned down a neighboring restaurant had a 60% percent chance […]

  • Urban Cookies Helps In the Community

    is a small cupcake and dessert shop located on 7th street in the heart of Phoenix. Many loyal customers would claim that the cupcake shop is worth every penny, and sprinkle. If you have ever seen the show Cupcake Wars, then you might recognize the owners Brady and Shaun, husband/wife team, who started Urban Cookies not so […]

  • LollyPOP Vintage

    LollyPOP Vintage is a local business that buys and sells vintage clothing in Phoenix, Arizona. The Vintage clothing store has  had success from its ability to utilize social media. The shop is strong in Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They keep a strong following because they constantly update their pages with apparel that comes through […]