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  • Would You Pay For a Facebook Post?

    Facebook is something we all have in common, because everyone has one. After you meet someone for the first time, it is acceptable to add them as a friend on Facebook. Even if it is likely that you will never meet that person again, you can always go back and “catch up” with them by […]

  • How To Use Keywords Effectively

    Keywords in a blog do not just show the reader that you have an impressive vocabulary, it is the reason the reader is, most likely, reading your blog in the first place. When you are thinking of writing a blog or designing a new landing page for your company, make sure you implement the right […]

  • How to use Calls-To-Action and Landing Pages

    A lot of websites use different types of tactics to attract customers. Some ways are obvious such as ads or offering special discounts, but others are much more subtle. One of the ways to intrigue customers without shoving it in their face is a Call-to-Action button. Though the name might not be familiar, it’s something […]

  • FOMO is Attributed to Social Media Addiction

    Consumers in America are so addicted to their social media networks that they would rather get a root canal than surrender their social network profiles.  Their main reason? FOMO: fear of missing out. Social media marketing is growing in importance for small businesses. Seventy-three percent of small businesses are using social media to get their […]

  • Why Inbound Marketing? Smart Marketing

    In my last post I talked about the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In this post I am going to tell you why I am a big believer of inbound marketing. To recap on what inbound marketing is: inbound marketing is an internal way to make you and/ or your company be found […]

  • The Insider Scoop on Inbound Marketing

    In 2011, Google had over 2 billion searches per day, making it the biggest powerhouse for search engines in the world. With numbers as glaring as that, marketers needed to find out how to harness the search engine giant. As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, innovative marketers began to see […]

  • Inbound Marketing Compared to Outbound Marketing

    Since the Internet boom and the creation of social media the word marketing has grown some new branches in the last past decade. One of these new growths is call Inbound Marketing. So, what is inbound marketing? Inbound Marketing is an internal way to make you and/ or your company be found and earning the […]

  • Are Tablets a Good Business Tool?

    In the next year, we can probably expect tablets to become one of the most useful business tools for businesses.  Desktop computers will still hold their ground, but tablets are quickly replacing laptops in 2012 The iPad may still be the King of the Tablets, but when deciding on which tablet to invest in, here are a […]