About Louve Notes Media Group

LN What Do We Do?

Louve Notes Media Group web design

Louve Notes Media Group is a full-service marketing and web design agency located in Tempe, AZ. We serve clients  in the Health and Wellness, Education, Professional Services, Hospitality and Construction industries. We offer a full menu of traditional marketing solutions, interactive technology and web and graphic design solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations including non profits.

We provide customized marketing strategies that work to get you found by the people who need your services.

LN Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

strive for excellence

Committed to Excellence

We are honest and committed to excellence.  We are fun to work with and our clients like us.

competitive intelligence - smart marketing for smart business

Competitive Intelligence

We will make you look smarter than even the biggest competitors in your industry.

we speak your language

Ongoing Support

Relax, we speak your language.  Whether we’re speaking about your website, computer or business goals, there will be no techno-babble here.

LN Mission and Vision


  1. Provide measurable and honest media and business solutions focused on growing businesses by getting them found by people who need their services
  2. We are committed to integrity, delivering excellent service and treating others the way we would like to be treated
  3. We are committed to the growth and promotion of sustainable, green alternative businesses
  4. We want to grow and develop the media, marketing and creative industries by providing education and training for industry professionals
  5. We give back to our local communities through providing business development services for non profit community agencies and marketing and web services when and where appropriate on a volunteer basis


  1. We strive to be the type of company no one wants to leave because of the intangible benefits that come from what we deliver
  2. We aim to set the industry standard in media and business solutions by leading with integrity and excellence
  3. We stay true to our mission in that we help other people realize their dreams
  4. We are committed to using our planet’s resources responsibly
  5. We help to strengthen our communities by strengthening the local economy
  6. We help strengthen each other by holding one another accountable to doing our best and being our best selves every single day

LN What Problems Do We Solve?

We provide our customers with creative marketing and business solutions to growing their consumer base for the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing staff.  We provide our customers with training to implement marketing tactics on their own which helps them better grasp the value we bring them.  We teach our customers how to quantifiably measure the growth of their business.  We take marketing completely off their plates in a reliable and affordable way.  We get you found by those customers who need your services.

marketing isn't magic

LN How Are We Different?

practice what you preach louve notes media group

  • We don’t rely on “gimmicky” delivery of a pseudo-ROI
  • We offer cutting-edge marketing methodology coupled with technology that keep our clients’ businesses at our fingertips and the fingertips of the their target customers
  • We live and breathe metrics, data, and analytics and use that to form the basis of our marketing strategies offered to our clients
  • We walk the talk. All marketing and design strategies we recommend for our clients are all strategies that we use ourselves

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